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about us



In a Cartagena sunrise
of 98, under those first
sunbeams, Ennamorata.
was reflecting about the meaning
of her life. Between
doubts and longings, she raised her
look at the sky with the heart
full of hope in
search for an answer...

.."Make the land your own
Heaven, be the Alchemist of your own life" - was the Universe
speaking in her

Since then, Ennamorata
managed to understand that the
answer was always
inside of herself.
That her convictions and
environment, were the perfect combination
to show off
authentic, joyful and passionate.

The fear of being heard was gone.

Ennamorata discovered that she will always be the main character in her own story.


"We believe in the power of versatility"

Alquimia Ennamorata 818 was born from the idea of creating unique and versatile garments. Inspired by versatility, we seek to reflect the confidence that is found in AUTHENTIC, DREAMY, RISKY, SENSUAL women... Women who are not afraid of being the main character in their story.

"Learn to select your thoughts and feelings the way you choose your clothes every day."

More than a clothing brand, we are a community that admires and seeks to inspire other women to be their best version. We try to be a support network for women heads of household who are part of our team and make each of our products by hand in Medellín, Colombia.